We carefully vet start-ups to select the best ones with a valid and innovative business case, practical token model, and the right team.

We know who has the right reputation and who doesn’t. We will protect you from working with the wrong start-ups, avoid time-wasters, and will help you identify trends. We will dodge the countless pitfalls in this constantly shifting industry.

We will answer all your blockchain and crypto related questions. Anytime.

We Evaluate

Our strict vetting process ensures that we only work with the brightest founders and teams.

We Co-Invest

We believe in the start-ups we recommend and show skin in the game with our own investment.

We Grow

We support our carefully selected start-ups with our own expertise and contacts to accelerate their growth.

Benefits for investors

  • Early and proprietary view on vetted start-ups
  • Direct access to founding teams and management
  • Enhanced investment success rate through Decentrl's expertise, services, and network
  • Transparent access to progress of start-ups
  • Ongoing market surveillance and research reports
  • Aligned interest and strong commitment underlined by Decentrl's co-investment
  • No costs for you

Partners & clients

Here are just some of the amazing companies that we work with.


We look forward to hearing from you and you can find us here: